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SoKno Pressure Washing

Dirt happens

That once sparkling clean driveway is now looking less than stellar.

Unfortunately, it is just one more thing on that bottomless list of house chores that you just don't have the time to get around to doing; and that is OKAY! We are here to help you get your driveway looking like new in no time flat, and at the most affordable rate in the Greater Knoxville Area! How do we beat every single competitor in town on pricing, you ask?

Clustering! So much of what you pay a pressure washing company goes to gas, time to and from destination, and time loading and unloading the equipment. By clustering all of our clients together, doing one neighborhood per day, we can give you the best service at the best price and do so with a smile!

We are a South Knoxville company through and through. SoKno is home. SoKno is our people. And we believe in taking dang good care of your people and your community, so you'll receive nothing but our best work.

How It Works:

Want to know how we operate behind the scenes? Or hear how we use artificially intelligent software written right here in South Knoxville to guarantee the best price for your neighborhood?

1. We Pick the Neighborhood

We look for fairly dense areas that will allow us to serve a lot of customers in a short amount of time. Neighborhoods where the driveways are all similar sizes help everyone get the lowest price.

2. We Run the Numbers

Using the Google Maps API, Python, and OpenCV (Open Computer Vision), the software calculates average square footage, time to complete, and difficulty of each driveway, then it optimizes our list of houses in the best order.

3. We Spread the Word

We print up flyers, knock on doors, and run digital ads to let everyone in the neighborhood know we are coming so that they can pre-book us and get first in line.

4. We Do the Work

We show up on cleaning day with gas in the tank and grit in our spirit, ready to give the people in the community the best dang pressure cleaning they've ever had.

Next Up: Your Neighborhood

If you are interested in getting top tier service at the most affordable rates in town, gather a few interested neighbors and request your neighborhood on this form. We need a minimum of 6 houses to schedule a neighborhood.

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